Aerosols Tin Cans Division

Since its invention, which meant to protect World War II soldiers from the diseases carried by mosquitoes, the aerosol packaging form is a mainstay in modern life.

Today's aerosol products come in many forms and offer a safe economical and environmentally compatible way to satisfy many every day needs.

Aerosol packages provide the solution to numerous problems And improve our quality of life in many ways As they provide benefits in medical treatment, health care, pest control, disease prevention, personal care and hygiene, and household, automotive and industrial cleaning and maintenance.

Aerosols Cans sizes and volumes produced by ZA Packaging
Can hight

Can hight

Volume  ECC Filling
Volume ECC Brimful
96 3.780 100 140
118 4.646 125 175
140 5.512 150 210
178 7.008 200 270

1) Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. certain models and/or volumes and/or sizes may be replaced or canceled at any time.

For more information and for detailed data, layout sizes please check ZA Aerosols Brochure...

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