Environmental responsibility

It is our fundamental duty to preserve the place we live in for future generations if not better than what we had, at least as it was.
And before we seek out new planets, we make it our goal to protect the one we  already live on.
We started our formal sustainability journey with fundamental sustainability priorities in our operations.
Our management have made it clear that sustainability is most critical to us.
That’s why we’re making it one of our top priorities.

Sustainability clearly isn’t a one person job.
So with the help of our dedicated employees and dynamic partners, and our customers that share our values, together we’re up for the challenge.


Also, in August 2015, In order to fulfill our corporate vision in making the working environment as healthy and neat, the executive board adopted the principles of our corporate social responsibility, covering the following areas:

• Human rights
• Minors labor
• Forced labor
• Social Responsibility
• Equal opportunities, respect, and appreciation
• Labor relations
• Health and safety
• Environmental Protection
• Fight Against Bribery and Corruption.